Obama Says One World Government Needed Now More Than Ever



Barack Obama‘s involvement with the New World Order is well documented. He hardly hid this from the public during his days as president and now that he has left office, he doesn’t hide it at all. Despite this, he has never actually come out and said that he supports the notion of world government.

That is until now.

With the current crisis sweeping the world, Obama now feels emboldened. While President Trump is fighting the NWO and keeping America out of it, Obama is running right up to it and showering it with big wet kisses.

In an interview with Joe Barron for an upcoming issue of Dunning-Kruger Magazine, Obama revealed his position on the government of the future:

“What’s happening now is kind of a big deal. The entire world is in chaos because of it. In order to move past this, coordination is required on a scale never before seen.

There’s only one way that this can be accomplished. A common government for the globe must be established. In fact, there has never been a more appropriate time for a one world government to take form. The time for this to happen is now. There isn’t a moment to waste. We need BIG GLOBE now more than ever.

There is nothing to fear with this. I will personally be involved, so you can be assured that the earth will be in competent and capable hands. I will do for the entire globe what I did for America. The safety and security of all humanity is a virtual lock.”